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Penile Size Problems

While penis size varies from individual to individual, many men worry about the penis being too small

It is interesting to note that men do not usually come to a specialist asking for their feet to be made bigger, although this is a similar situation!

It is possible to increase the size of the penis in men who have a genuinely small penis due to developmental abnormalities or injury, but the surgery is difficult and has risks. I feel that if the penis works and is long enough for penetration no surgery should be considered. Indeed many men in this position who worry about penile size will benefit from sympathetic counselling and my recommendation is that initially they should see an experienced psychosexual counsellor. We have pubished research showing that the majority of men asking for penile enhancement have a distorted image of wht they believe a "normal penis" to be and of course they are unlikely to be helped by any such intervention.

What is at least as important is that men with this worry may be very vulnerable to less scrupulous clinics and the results are inevitably poor. My recommendation is that patients should not ever consider penile enhancement surgery without at least one experienced second opinion.

 Reputable surgeons will be able to give clear details of their complication rates and successes for these procedures.

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