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Testicular Biopsy

This procedure involves having small piece of testicle removed. This is usually done to help diagnose problems of fertility. It may also be possible to obtain sperms from the testis directly for use in assisted fertility procedures.


Usually, a portion of testicle will be removed by making a small cut in the scrotum (the bag that holds your testicles). You will have some stitches in your scrotum, which will dissolve. In some men it may only be necessary to insert a small needle device into the testis and in this case no stitches will be needed.

If the sperm count is very low we may recommend a more detailed biopsy using a surgical microscope (microscopically assisted  testicular biopsy,) to maximise the chances of finding sperms.


Some pain and discomfort maybe experienced but painkilling tablets will be given to you to take home.

After your operation, you may find that wearing a scrotal support (Jockstrap) is helpful. This helps to support the scrotum and alleviate discomfort. If you do not have one of these on, the wearing of tight fitting underwear may also help.

You may find that your scrotum is a little bruised or swollen, this is normal and will go down in a few days.

You may a few days off work, but this varies from person to person, and depending on the type of employment.

You may bath or shower 2 days after your operation but please DO NOT use any soaps, creams or bubble bath on the operated area. If you experience severe pain or bleeding or feel acutely unwell, contact the hospital or Mr Muir immediately. The signs of infection are:-

* tenderness at the site of operation

* oozing scar

* and/or raised temperature.

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