Penile problems and impotence

Most men will experience some problems with the erections or with their sex lives at some point in their lives, but a persistent inability to have an erection satisfactory for intercourse is never normal.







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 The majority of men with erection difficulties will have an underlying physical problem and since this may be linked to diseases such as diabetes and high blood cholesterol it is essential that any man with this problem is evaluated. One common misconception, that impotence is caused by a lack of hormones, is not supported by clinical evidence, except in rare cases.  Other commonly held misconceptions are that impotence is always psychological, or is a natural consequence of ageing, should be got rid of. Assessment is not complex and in many cases a treatment plan can be worked out within a single session.

For other penile problems information is given in the links below. Please note some of these pages have medical images of the male genitals which you may not wish to be viewed by minors and which may cause problems with internet monitoring security services.

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